1966 Chevelle Super Sport L6 230

One of the rarest Chevelles all categories is now out for sale!!

In the muscle car year of 1966 Chevrolet decided to only go for the 396 engine in the new Chevelle SS model. However in Scandinavia the gasoline prize was way to high to justify the use of a BB V8 hence GM Nordic decided to make a SS with a smaller engine and offered a 283 V8 and a 230 L6.

The GM Nordic SS package was composed of a special SS interior and exterior, positration rear axle, power brakes, heavy duty suspension and a rear defroster. The interior has bucket seats and a center console plus the SS logo on the glovebox along with the black frosted ignition dash strip. The SS exterior has the SS396 rockerpanel with ribbed quarter-panel moldings (not the gloss non-black Malibu ones) and either Super Sport or Malibu SS quarter-panel emblems (both are documented although I never seen the Super Sport one). For the record, the car is based on the Canadian built Malibu SS but, as evident in the accompanying GM Nordic literature (see below), it was sold as a Chevelle SuperSport and not a Malibu.

The GM Nordic Sales Catalog

Translation of the Chevelle pages in the official GM Nordic sales catalog. 


1966 years Chevelle is noticeable for it's moderate size, exclusive interior and excellent riding comfort. The Super Sport model serie is introducing new elegant lines. The totally new Super Sport model line makes it's debut. Effortfully new lowered rear window on the Sport Coupe. New profile, new front, and a new rear end. A new comfortable ignition look. New mud flaps in the front fenders protects the engine from splashing water. Two new engines of either 140 HP or 195 HP. The three speed gearbox is fully synchronized.

Super Sport
Super Sport Coupe and Convertible is topping the list of 1966 sporty Chevelle models. V8 engine of 195 HP or L6 engine of 140 HP and a three speed synchronized gearbox are included as standard equipment. The whole interior is in vinyl and are available in several color combinations. Special seats and center console in combination with optional four speed gearbox or automatic transmission and a array of special instruments are available as optional equipment. 

Chevelles bestseller are now manufactured in five different models. A totally new sport sedan with hardtop and four doors. A new roof line on the Sport Coupe and four door Sedan. ...................... 

The rest of the text is not translated. The point is although clear the Super Sport (with either L6 230 or V8 283) was a separate"model line" available in Scandinavia. If you find the text strange and hard to read it simply because the original Swedish text is equally strange - bad Swedish so to say. 

If you buy the car I can provide a notarized translation of this document. I made the translation above but I can assure it's authenticity along with the authenticity of this GM document. Beside with a bit of imagination you can probably read some of the document. If you have any questions please feel free to email me,

One odd things that you might notice is that the pictures are from the US dealer catalog - which leads you to wonder what the customers would think then they got a car that looked different from the one in the pictures.

Export Model Differences

Naturally since the car is a export car it comes with a kilometer per hour speedometer and white (normally orange) front direction/parking light lenses. As it's for the Scandinavian market, it also has additional round rear reflectors

The white front parking lights in the top left picture are as you see clearly visible. In the top right picture shows the additional round reflectors mounted underneath the rear bumper. In the picture to the right is the export kilometer per hour speedometer and the meter reading is 11347 kilometers and 7"00" meters (you have to add 100 000 kilometers to get the correct "milage" of the car i.e. 111 347 kilometers which is equal to 69203 miles

What's the history of this remarkable car?

It was bought new by a traveling salesman in Stockholm, Sweden 1966. He used it until 1971 when he garaged it. It was stored for a very long time - not until 1988 it saw daylight again but just a glimpse since it was stored again after a repaint (I don't know why the new owner repainted it since judging form the pictures it was in very nice shape. The only thing he said was that during the first storage period, it got scratched on the left hand side door). Anyhow, he stored it again until 1996 when I bought the car with only 55k miles on the meter at that time (well it was 96000 km). I have now used it as a car for weekends and have stored it during the winter time it as now 111 347 km (69k miles) on the meter. This "milage" is documented and verified by SBP a Swedish test institute that tracks the milage of the car as they do a mandatory biyearly road safety inspection of the car.

The condition of the car is excellent!

The paint is solid and shiny and there is no rust what so ever in the body (I haven't dismantled the car but there is no rust under the carpets and other hidden area - at least to my knowledge). Yes, I recently removed the carpets and the floor pans are as blue and shiny as they was when the car left the assembly line. All chrome and especially the bumpers are in prime condition and very shiny.


As seen in the picture to the left this car is truly strait and clean with exceptionally well preserved chrome. Not even close-up pictures like the ones below relief dinged or broken chrome details. Visible in the pictures below is also the very rare combination of the 230 engine emblem and the Malibu SS emblem which forms the Nordic Super Sport. Note: for the record the car has been driven 69k so the grill is not as shiny as it was when it was new. However when ever I meet people on the street interested in Chevelles - I often get the comment that this is the cleanest car they have seen.

Driving this car around is pure pleasure!

The interior is solid and it's like sitting in a new pair of bucket seat (cushioning still firm, flexible and in prime condition). Well - yes naturally the interior as a whole is in a pretty good conditions and there are no cracks in the dash cover. Naturally, the car has all matching numbers and totally original unrestored condition (other than the aforementioned paint job). This is not a car that you will get disappointed with - it's a truly a wonderful car in a excellent unrestored condition. I Have tried my best to get an objective view of the car and not mislead you as so many people do when they sell a car over Internet. Yes, I would without hesitation drive this car coast to coast - the engine is truly solid and deliver all the horse powers it had when it was new.

The special black SS ignition dash strip along with a nice very clean unrestored bucket seat interior with accompanying clean original engine compartment.

How unusual is this car?

Well there was 81 Chevelles of model type 13517 built for export and probably only a handful of them of SS model (remember, this is all 13517 built for export outside North America, not just for the Scandinavian market and the Chevelle Super Sport L6 230 was export only model). In my research through the years, I have seen two "SS283" V8 models, and not another single six cylinder one, and my guess is that this car is actually the only one left of the Chevelle "SS230".

The GM Canada verification of the production figures for this car along with VIN, trim, color etc. All to your disposal to verify the authenticity of the car and it's options. The build sheet is also available for review below. I'm no expert decoding the sheet but the normal RPO options numbers are there plus additional numbers/codes which might indicate how GM Nordic managed to make a Super Sport L6 230.

This is what options that the car came with


GM Nordic SS package

GM Nordic standard options

Additional GM Nordic Options


Sport option


Rear defogger




HD rear and front suspension


Inside tilt rear view mirror


Steering column lock


L6 -230 Cu In


Speedo I/P (export) Kilo


Imitation vinyl roof


Wheel trim cover


Touchup paint


6.95-14-4 PR Tire - HWY - W/Wall


Export preparation - coating


Positration rear axle


Underbody oil spray


The special steering column look installed by the local GM Nordic dealer. The special GM Nordic imitation vinyl roof is a painted rubber based coating and is so good that you will actually not see the difference in a picture. The obvious advantage of the imitation one is that there will be no lurking rust underneath the vinyl.

Along with the car comes the following documentation in mint condition:

GM Nordic Chevrolet Sales Catalog to verify the unusual Super Sport L6 230model
GM Nordic Chevelle User Manual (very different from the US one)
GM Verification of build and production numbers of this specific car
GM Build sheet
M (AAA sister organization) road test of the car in the M magazine

NOTE: NORX is a option installed by the local GM dealer in Scandinavia at the time of sale. NORY is a optioned carried out by GM Nordic since normal vinyl roofs aren't popular due to the harsh climate above the polar circle.

NOTE: Some where along the line the fan to the rear defogger got lost - the rest of the electrical components are still there although.

NOTE: Yes, it's odd but the car has a manufacture error in the terms that it's a Malibu emblem on the left quarter panel and and a Malibu SS emblem on the right quarter panel . Yes, I have check it carefully and it's actually a fabrication error.


Ahh, yes the price for this odd bird - this car is one of it's kind and you will never find another one and I value it to $8500 but please feel free to come with offers or trades. I'm currently looking for the following cars Chevrolet Nomad (55-57) (project to nice condition car), Camaro SS/RS (67-69) convertible (project to nice condition car) or a Chevrolet Cameo 1958 truck (project to nice condition car). I might also be interested in Chevrolet 210 or Bel Air Wagon 55-57 (2 or 4 door). NOTE: I'm willing to trade both up and down so to say.


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